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Trying to go for Penn Zero intro style... but what the heck rhymes with Toongrowner? Oo

Well I finally have a part-time job now. Just something small in a discounter (a very nice discounter), but it's certainly a start to finally set foot into the world of... ^^;

Of course I still except commissions and stuff, I doubt it will change this much on my time shedule and stuff... okay, a little maybe, but oh well.

Thats all I wanted to let you know for now. ^^
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top 15 favourite fathers/father figures
So apperently Fathers day was recently, and that I missed it kinda pisses me off, cause I was planing to post this, on the exact day, for quiet some time now.... oh well... better late than never as I allways say.
And with feminisms huge war against any form of masculinity,I think it's even more important to remember these great father figures in tv and movie history and how important a father can be.
I will say not much about these in general, just a little bit here and there, but mostly, might they even be dumb, silly or downright criminal, what these guys mostly have in common is their love and respect for their family, how they teach and protect them and are generally good role-models (well some maybe not this much actually. XD)
Of course, even thought he certainly will not see it, shoutout to my dad. You could not allways be there for me, but the time you where, where unforgetable and certainly made me to who I am now. ^^

some rules:
a) No actual cronological order
b) I only choose animated characers cause I don't actually watch that many shows with real persons.
c) As the meme allready says: Father figures, it does not have to be exactly the dad.
d) Not sure if I ever do a mothers versions, probably. (Love you mom. ^^)
e) Of course I don't wanted to go for simple images, but I tried to find moments that portrait them at their best times as father figures.

Blank Meme…
created  by :iconduckyworth:
Thanx for the meme, just wish it would be a little shorter. ^^;

1) Homer Simpson: Pretty much the reason why Peter Griffin and Stan Smith will never fully reach your status.

2) Heinz Doofenshmitz: Anyone else agree that the OWCA special was the better final episode? ^^;

3) Goofy: This Hot tub scene gave me a lot of new respect for Goofy. And I swear, if Max is not in Kingdom hearts 3, I will....

4) Bob Belcher: Just would be nice if he where not so allergic to success

5) Mufasa: watched the movie recently again... why are his bloppers so damn funny? XD

6) Bob Parr: looking forward the second movie (ABOUT FREAKIN TIME!)

7) Simon: Haven't watched Adventure time for a long time, so if this is not accurate anymore, I'm sorry. ^^;

8) Alfred: Choosed the Lego version because it acknowledge him as a father figure the best, I would argue.

9) Pacha: Doesn't take shit, sees good in all, and goes out of his way to turn some spoiled asshole into a better person, plus certainly a great husband and father.

10) Uncle Iroh: I'm not actually such a huge Avatar fan, I can barely remember anything that happened, but certainly can remember Iroh being a great Father figure.... certainly better than... the other guy...

11) Long John Silver: C'mon, this relatioship is the main thing, that made this underated movie sooooo fantastic

12) Greg Universe: Even if you don't succed with your dreams, you can still be a hero... also I think if you would draw Homer Simpson in Steven Universe style, he would pretty much look like Greg.

13) Grunkle Stan: Well he might be an absolute corrupt con-artist but.... where was I going with that? Well we love him anyway. ^^ Actually it might be good to know what to do when life screws you over...

14) Prof Utonium: The original of course, like duh... also the sexiest guy onm this list. ;) homo. :P

15) Max Tennyson: If there is one thing I do actually dislike about the reboot, Max not being a plumber and teacher to Ben anymore, like what the heck? 
Lego dimension meme
I know, Lego dimensions stopped it's production a long time ago. Which is a shame, cause I still highly enjoy the game and it still had a lot of potential. So just for fun, I filled out this "Lego dimensions wish list" meme, just for fun (and to compensate with the frustration to never have this be reality). Sadly I don't know who the original creator of this meme is, so I can't really give credit. :-(

few rules:

A) These are my opinion and choices. Please respect that. Of course you can tell me you opinion and choices in the comments if you like. OIr why you would think a certain theme I choose would/would not work

B) I try to keep kind of realistic with my choices, like based on lego dimensions previous themes, what we would mostly like to see. For example, the game was mostly focused on cartoon network based show and DC, so thats why there is no nickelodeon or Marvel on this list

c) I want all of them to include levelpacks, cause these are the most fun. XD

D) little bit of warning, you will clearly see a pattern here, of nostalgic, cartoons and space themes. XD

Well without wasting any more time, now to the list:

1) Bionicle (original): Bionicle was a huge deal when it came out and there are still a lot of people who freakin love it. So why not put one of legos biggest themes in there?
I think a mini-figure version of a bionicle would be as bizzare as it would be awesome, like when have you ever seen an official lego technic thing turned into regular lego? XD
The first Bionicle arc would make a great level, Matanui, with it's many different enviroments, a wonderfull hubworld to explore and with the whole Masks with different powers thing, one figure could cover up a lot of different abilities.

2) Lego Racers: One Problem I have with the game is the vehicles. Yes they look cool, but when you have a certain amount of figures, the vehicles pretty much become useless, which also hurts the second problem, I get into the end. So... why not make a levelpack for lego racers? Lego dimensions clearly wanted to put local multiplayer in it's game, so why not a good ol mario kart like racing game? With race tracks based on the other dimension themes? It would make a lot of use of the vehicles, even the none-wheel ones, like Marcelines Boom-boxx-spider. And c'mon, finally a physical figure of the legendary Rocket Racer and his car itself would be amazing.

3) Johnny Thunder: Considering Indiana Jones allready has it's own lego game series (thought the ps2 version was way better than the ps3), I would go with a retro lego theme instead.
THe legendary Johnny Thunder, who, for a while, even was kinda considered Legos mascot. Hardcore Lego fans love this guy (me included) and considering his set's in the past, they would offer a lot of cool worlds to explore.

4) UFO: Lego dimensions needed something space related... THAT IS NOT FREAKIN STAR WARS! I'm so freakin tired of Star Wars. I honestly kinda wish that Lego would stop with it and make some own space themes again, cause they where actually quiet good with that. So my first space themed choice is U.F.O. cause thats pretty much the space theme I grew up with as a kid. ^^; Not sure yet about what kinda of story or so, but certainly would have made for some great figure and vehicles.

5) The Powerpuff girls (original): While I can pretend with the figures that they are the original, the hubworld in the game is a sad reminder of the truth. Specially since the original could have worked so well. Like make the powerpuff girl movie into the level of a level pack
a) Cleaning the house
b) The chase scene (mini fight against ganggreen gang
c) Building mojos lair
d) Monkey invasion, followed by boss fight against giant Mojo

6) Ben 10: Heck, considered how "meh" but not really horrible the reboot is, I even would be okay with that. Plus Ben would cover up a lot of abilities and he could transform into the fitting alien depending on the ability used. And the rustbucket as a vehicle would be pretty nice.

7) Unikitty: Gosh, if they would ahve waited just a little bit longer. Well at least she gets her own lego set soon, totally need to get me a Hawkodile. ;)

8) Steven Univer: Beach city would at least make a wonderfull hubworld and you could put some other places of the show in there as well. heck another chance for a none-star-wars related space theme

9) Alien: Okay... I'm a little unrealistic here, because thats a freakin horror movie (thoooought, Jurasic World and Doktor who can be quiet frightening and traumatizing as well). So or so, the spacestation would be freakin awesome in lego format, either as a level or just a hub-world. Heck, the 80's scifi style was, what made me get alien isolation. Ripley would be a badass lego figure and the xenomorph could function as a vehicle.

10) Lord Vortex: the other problem I have with the game... there isn't really much to unlock, which was another hgihlight in the usual lego games. Only gold bricks to upgrade the vihecles... which again, with enough figures are kind of useless. They should have put something like unlockable bonus skins, bonus levels or at least:... 100% the main story, get a secret code so you can get a Lord Vortex figure for free. He actually has a pretty cool design, so having him as a physical lego figure certainly would have been awesome and you could play a lego dimension sequel in real life. ;)
If he had a level, it could be his origina story.

Well that where all my choices, maybe you agree, maybe don't, whatever, let know... or better yet, if you know how, let Lego know. Maybe we can convince them to contuine the game. ;) Specially with this cliffhanger ending for the main story... geez.
Commission Tucker futa-tg
Commission by anon

Danny Phantom got turned into a girl and because Tucker made fun of him for that, Danny decided to let him see what it feels like.... but it didn't really worked as exspected... 
For the animated commissions
Animated commissionsI'm willing to accept animated commissions again, but since I rarely did them so far, and don't have a proffesional animation programm on my pc. I can only offer handdrawn sketch animations (No colors)

if you are still interested, just send me a note. :P 
Just don't make something too big or complicated. 
Still unsure about the prize. Maybe frame by frame but maybe we can handle something out.

I just wanna inform you to keep in mind that I only except money, no points. Sorry, but thats pretty much the reason I do commissions in the first place.

I'm still unsure about how I should prize them... maybe 3-5€ each frame? Maybe discounts if it becomes too much?
Just tell me what you want to have and I see what we can handle out. 

Now to my theory:
Last night I made a movie night with my brother. We where watching Coco for the first time (I swear, I cried at the end), a french cop comedy named "Wasabi" (highly recommend) and one of our childhoods classics:
Road to Eldorado.
A 2D animated movie made by dreamworks in the early 2000s. Very underrated movie, in my opinion, give it a watch when you can.

Now for the people who actually have seen the movie: while we where watching the movie, we noticed that the two main characters, Tulio and Miguel had incredible good luck a lot of times. Like the thing with the dices, that Shell appeared right at the point where they where about to give up, the thing with the vulcano, and many more. We where starting to think "Maybe they are gods, butjust don't know.", just in a silly way of course.... whatever, we watched the movie and after it ended, we, of course, HAD to watch the music video to the movie. 
"Someday out of the blue" by Elton John, because the song is freakin beautyfull. Like serious, can't watch this movie, without this music video at the end. X3
As you probably know/remember. The music video is pretty much scenes from the movie, with a (very nice) 2D animated version of Elton John edited in. Like he was actually in the movie. XD

And thats where it hit my brother....

Elton John is the god of Fortune.

He was the reason Tulio and Miguel had such insanly good luck with everything, cause they where protected by Elton John, who, in this universe, is the god of fortune.
And the music video pretty much shows that he was there the whole time, we just could not see him.

It's just a nice little fan-theory we came up with, but honestly, I think it makes surprisingly a lot of sense. Certainly is my new head canon for the movie now. XD

If you have any idea how we can spread this theory around, please let me now. Cause I think it could also help to make this movie more known than it is right now. ^^

Also small shoutout to my Brother. I know we don't agree on everything and often anoy the hell out of each other (as brothers do I guess. ^^;), but still I'm glad to have you as my brother, and that we can share so many interestest and moments together. ^^
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Trying to go for Penn Zero intro style... but what the heck rhymes with Toongrowner? Oo

Well I finally have a part-time job now. Just something small in a discounter (a very nice discounter), but it's certainly a start to finally set foot into the world of... ^^;

Of course I still except commissions and stuff, I doubt it will change this much on my time shedule and stuff... okay, a little maybe, but oh well.

Thats all I wanted to let you know for now. ^^
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