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Happy Halloween 2014 by toongrowner
Happy Halloween 2014
Happy Halloween 2014! :D

This time I wanted to try a own creation instead just fanart.
So here a little ghost girl in a toy box. :3

The bear next to hear is loosly based on my own teddy I have since my baby time. ^^;

Hope you like her design. :D
Zombified Lunch at the Krusty krab by toongrowner
Zombified Lunch at the Krusty krab
Zombified version of redraw Lunch at the Krusty Krab by toongrowner

and may the bloodiest picture I ever did.... Happy halloween 2014! :D
Halloween Crossdress Phineas by toongrowner
Halloween Crossdress Phineas
Not sure if I will be able to finish my halloween ideas for this year, but I wanted at least this one to be finished.

is my entry for :iconcrossdressprincess: 's Halloween Crossdress Art Jam. :3
Halloween Art Jam. Sissy partyHello everyone. Boy it Sure has been a while since I posted a Journal.
There have been more submissions, Though many were of those that Aren't related to what we're about here. So I figure We should do an Art Jam.
Since next month is October, the theme will be every crossdresser's favorite holiday: Halloween. and you are all invited

Halloween isn't just about Scares and chills, It's about the one time of year where we get to be something different from us. And since this is a Crossdressing club, You know the Guys have to show up dressed as girls (and girls come as Guys too if they want XD )
So the theme is Sissy and this watermark should be added to confirm the invitation to our Party XD
The Rules are simple: Like any other Art Jam, the Pic must be brand new, not a rehash of an old pic. It must have our watermark and it must abide to the four rules
*Edit for clarification*
It has to be Halloween related
The character(s) has(have) to be from an a Cartoon show, so this i

Was first thinking about doing Danny Fenton maybe in some kind of Spiderlady outfit. But I then i thought Danny is a way too obvious choice, was not sure how to design the costume and at the end I thought there should be more pictures of Phineas Crossdressing, cause he looks surprisingly good in dresses. :3
Was also thinking to put Issy as a mad-scientist in the background, but I thought that would have may been a little too much, and like I said, I wanted to finally finish this picture. ^^;

Well hope you like it.

Phineas Flynn from the show "Phineas and Ferb"
recently I'm playing the Kingdom Hearts Final Mix. Kingdom Hearts while not so good like the first one, still a great and wonderfull game. Now I'm plaing chains of memory.... its one of the worst games I ever played! Why? The Combat System. Card Games and real-time fighting just does not work! You have to do 3 things at once: Escape/defend from you enemy attacks, which in some cases is impossible. Choosing the right card to attack or heal and keep an eye on which card the enemy is using. THis is impossible, specially with the organisation 13. They are way too strong, move and attack damn fast and can choose and reload cards faster. Defeating them is only a matter of luck instead of skills, and you get stock on certain**hole bosses a lot. I wanted to learn the story of this game by playing, but it's allways the same problem. I think I will give up soon and watch the story on the net and never will touch this game again. I jsut hope that the Kingdom hearts 2 final mix doesnt have such bullshit in it. Please tell me if you feel the same way.

I may would like to colour one or two of my fakemon ideas. But before I do I wanna ask which one you would like to see coloured

Fakemon 26082014 by toongrowner
Fakemon sketch19102014 by toongrowner

ALSO! I need money again... so yeah. COMMISSIONS ARE OPEN AGAIN FROM NOW ON!!!!

First of, I'm willing to accept another pay-way than pay-pal. If it's possible, you can also send me money for my psn account. :D (Big Grin) (Big Grin) But it hast to be money, not just a code for a playstation plus membership.

I'm willing now to offer Sketch animations for commissions.  But keep in mind, they would be not too big and possible very quick so I don't have to use much frames and so is faster and easier to make. The Price will be between 10 and 15€ depending on the effort.

My usual Commission rules:
First I will show you a sketch, fi you like it, then I will work on the finished picture, then you can pay me and I send you the picture in a email and/or post it.
You need paypal to pay me, and please, you have to pay with € not $! Please keep that in mind.
Or if it's possible, you can also send me money for my psn account. :D (Big Grin) (Big Grin) But it hast to be money, not just a code for a playstation plus membership.

This is my price-list, but I'm willing to deal out another price if needed:
One character = 5,00€
+ one more character = 5,00€
+Background = 7,00€

Comic Pages: Just 1 Page and with max. 5 panels (with some exception, like in case of transformation scenes or something).
One Comic Page = 10,00€ - 20,00€ depending on the effort

You can ask for erotic art, but then you will get it in a email or I may post it on r34.
Erotic comic pages = max. 3 panels. It's just too much of work.

Also if you asked me once for a commission in a time I was not able to do so, then please send me a new note as reminder.

I agree to do art of shows I don't know, don't like or just haven't drawn before, but maybe I change the style a little if it's too difficult for me yet.

Things I don't draw:
Anime style,
way to realistic style,
some certain styles I haven't drawn before
religious things,
things that insult or offend someone (with this I mean big things like something against jews or something, not something nitpicking).
Gore (nothing really against it, but there are a lot of people who can draw it better than me)

Hope your okay with this and may a able and ready to do some little business with me.

Also, if you don't wanna make business with me, could you at least spread this info somehow a little around? maybe you know or find someone who would be interested

Sorry that it's such a hinky do with me for such a long time. But the dumb project is over, and with some luck I never have to join one again. And so can finally focus more on the things I like and love. :D (Big Grin) (Big Grin)
(what doesn't mean, that I will stop loocking for a job.)

If you still have some question, don't be shy to ask. I will try to find time to answer soon as possible.

AND ALSO: BIG BIG BIG THANX FOR YOUR COMMENTS AND SUPPORT! I really appreciate it. You guys rocks. :D (Big Grin) (Big Grin)
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Someone playing little big planet karting on ps3? I even made my first own racing level. 

50 deviants said nope
16 deviants said Yes. :-)
6 deviants said planning to do.



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Thanks for the fave. It is one of my earlier pieces, but it is a seasonal favorite :pumpkin:
When Linus met Jack
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Patrick... you have a stamp in your collection that says that "Stop Doing Naruto Fan-Art"
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YOU SAID THAT FAN-ART IS ART TOO, then why should people stop drawing Naruto Fanart?
toongrowner Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Dang, tottally forgot about that. Yeah, that was to time a time where I have seen naruto fan art allways around. But yeah, this stamp is stupid, I try to delete it if I can figure out which thumb of them all actually is. ^^;
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I want a request
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I love your Simpsons art! Thank you for making them! I love Lisa Simpson and you captured her beauty so nicely :)
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Well, you said that anime plots are boring and unoriginal... then how about WataMote? This anime is about a nerdy girl who has over 50 years of virtual boyfriending experience. But when she became a real high-school student she has not any attention. Then she tries to get as much attention as possible, but it goes only agaisnt her image... This is pretty fun ^__^ Name of this anime translates as "It's your fault that i'm not popular"
Or how about No Game No Life. About two nerd-gamers (Older Brother and Younger Sister) who get themselves into a world where every conflict is decided by a game. A simple card game or sparring. 
And don't worry, Those animes don't have any angsty stories or blood. They're just for fun. Like Lucky Star or Azumanga Daioh. 
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Oh, I love your gallery! Your style's amazing!
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