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Just letting you know, there's some bad stuff going on. 
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Commission Tails Party date
Commission for :iconzizum:

Tails wants to go to a party and Sonic promised him, to find him a hote date for the night... sadly none of the actual girls has time, so Sonic had to come up with another plan to not let his buddy hanging. XD
Commission Lapis x Peridot
commission for :iconanimeenemy:

Lapis and Peridot from Steven Universe.
While it was actually fun to draw, it's not really something I personally ship. ^^;
I got a longer weekend this week, so let's see if I can use it to get some shit done. :D
But first, something I haven't done for  quiet a while: A new sketch page! :D Gosh, I kinda missed that, but what you wanna do without some new ideas? ^^;

1) First some design ideas for Batman Characters:
Scarecrow, I tried kind of a mix of the arkham asylum and the Batman TAS version

Bane, a mix of regular Bane and the Dark Knight Rises version (just love this wierd voice. XD), also tried to make him look a bit smaller than usual, the muscle transformation would still be a thing of course

Clayface: Based on the original Basil Karlo design but stil with the shape-shift ability.

Riddler: This is a little inspired by the arkham games and Lady Arkham from the telltale game. Like at the start, we don't know what the riddler really looks like, batman will get video messages with riddles from a guy behind a mask with a question mark it. With every riddle Batman solves, the riddler will learn more and more about Batman.

Twoface: an old design I once made, kinda wanna like to keep using it:…

Bruce Wayne: based on the design of Dustin Nguyen. Love his art-style in the batman comics.

batman: I dunno... still having problemes, drawing this guy good enough. XD

Joker: A calmer version, based on the tell tale game version. Was retty interesting like seeing a joker between the incident and before he became a famous villain.

2) Deadpool and the Mask. I doubt that Deadpool would be interested in actually wearing the mask, like what could it give to him he doesn't allready have? XD But kinda got this design idea, so wanted to give it a short draw anyway.

3) Shark lady: Just a random design I came up yesterday.

4) Harley and Starfire. Harley's design is mostly based on her version in the teeny titans app game (which I can recommend, it's actually quiet some fun)

5) tged Timmy Turner (or Timantha? :P) having an inner conflict. ^^;

6) I don't know why, but I like to see Minnie and Betty together, even in an indirect way. ^^;

7) I need to do more stuff with Mabill finally, I just like this design, it's fun to draw and I would love to see it become more than just an idea

8) Gender bender gravity falls. Usual I highly prefer gender bender in sense of a transformation, but this time I made it more like an alternate universe. Hope you like them ^^
commission fairy and fat-baloon
commission for :iconhellsender:

Appearantly that seems to be a fetish some have.

No idea from where this fairy actually is from
First of, big thanx for your financial help with the commission, I should be able to survive the rest of the month now, thanx a lot. ^^
Of course I now used the recent days to finally finish some commission (and still at it right now). If you don't get your commission today, I will do my best to finish it next weekend. :-)
But for now I would like to cloose commissions before it's gettin too much (well more than it allready is. ^^;). As soon as I'm done with everything, I will re-open them. ^^
Or if you have a really great idea, I might do an exception. ^^
I will post the finished commission, as soon as I get the feedback from everyone.

Now to the harsh part... in... I guess 2 weeks or so, the game Yooka Laylee is suppose to come out... for an eternity I'm so excited to finally get and play this game, I even managed to save some money to buy the game on ps4 as soon as it comes out (I'm not supporting this pre-order bullshit). Sadly something happened... as you might know, one of my favourite youtube reviewers, Jon Tron, spoke out about this whole sjw terror (yeah, I say terror, let's be honest guys). This sadly spawned some youtube drama, and like every youtube drama before, I tried my best to just ignore it, cause honestly, youtube drama is bs.... sadly this time I can't simply ignore it. As it turns out, Jon was supposed to speak a role in Yooka Laylee (well thanx a lot for ruining that surprise... -_-), but because of the Jon vs SJW drama, Yooka Laylee decided to cut him out of the game... and that of course started a war, gamers vs Yooka Laylee. People demanding their money back as protest, the developers blocking comments and stuff.... the game isn't freakin out yet and allready a huge controversy...

I... I really was hopping for this game to became a new start for the 3D platform genre, not evey game of this kind can be just Mario or Sonic. And even if it would not be such a big hit, at least an enjoyabe game.... well now I'm not even sure if I should buy this game at all, cause from now on this game will nothing be but a controversal topic and a reminder of this horrible SJW nonsense, we have to deal with today... thanx a lot SJW's, you did it, you ruined a game before it even came out.
I still would love to buy and play the game, but now knowing that JonTron was supposed to be there, I will allways know that something is missing and I will allways have this dumb urrgh feeling like I was supporting the dumb decision of the developers, by buying this game. I just wanted to enjoy it, I was sooooo freakin excited for it, but no... NO! WHAT THE GOSH F**K DAMMIT!? UUURRRGH!!!
I certainly will wait now a while before deciding if I even buy the game. Who knows, maybe the game creators will change their mind about cutting Jon, or the game will at least get a bit cheaper (really crushed it with that, Yooka-guys... -_-).
Only good thing about it, now I can use the money I saved for persona 5 instead, that will also come out next month (gosh the horrible wait) and a new shovel knight update is supposed to come out as well. But damn, this with Yooka still pisses me off. Was so hoping for a new beginning for this genre, but no, sjws had to (indirectly) destroy it... -_- That's why you never give in to these monsters...

Sigh, that's all for now, sorry for the rant, but I needed to get this out of my chest.
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food: Spaghetty bolognese, Madelpan (Marzipan) X3
Drink: Ice-tea, banana juice
Ice cream: Pistachio
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The Nightmare before Christmas
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favourtie songs: F**k you gently (tenacious-D), I kissed a Girl (Katey Perry), all songs of "die Prinzen". ^^
a lot of cartoon soundtracks. XD

Totally hate: Chain Letters, Religion fanatics, trolls, bad cartoon shows, live action shows (but not ICarly, ICarly is kinda okay), Karate and or Ninja shows and movies. That new TV-shows and episodes appear much much later or never in germany tv. Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber, Hannah Montana, Vampires ala Twillight, the spooky little black hair girl cliche, "Boobs are everything" art, Bollywood,Easter, People who think cartoons are just for kids,
Toongrowner what I do by toongrowner

Current Residence: On the Ass of the universe
Favourite genre of music: all whats good
Operating System: Windows xp
Favourite cartoon character: To many! XD
Personal Quote: my englisch is not good but i try




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Wario's Woods - Toad Icon  Take down your stop the ppgz club down 
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I actually totally forgot this club exist, is so damn old and inactive as far as I know. XD So no worry about it. ^^
Am I even the owner of the club? Could sworn it was someone else. Oo

whatever... I still don't like the show, but at the same time I stopped getting so fuzzed up about it and if you like it, is okay.
mickeyelric11 Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2017  Professional Digital Artist
Hi, Patrick. I came here to ask you if I could show you a fanart I made, please.
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Do you take point commissions? 
toongrowner Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
only money, sorry
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You know, i disapprove SJW's because i don't understand their way of thinking.
What is the point of fighting social-injustice, when you do social injustice yourself, yet call yourself social justice?
And... it goes the same way around with SJW-haters.
They do the FUCKING SAME things.

I mean, seriously.
If we take out SJW and anti-SJW ideologies away...
We get two SAME groups of people.
Two groups of people who doing hate to fight with hate.

What the FASK
toongrowner Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
exactly, we don't need gender or oppression classes, but irony classes, so they finally realize what bullshit they are doing.

Thats the biggest problem with todays world, this "Left - Right" mentality. People seem to have forgotten that the world is not just black or white, that there needs to be a balance between, something that even little kids shows are teaching from the very beginning.

I really don't get these people, like there is no logic or common sense in their brains.

As Plato said: "Ignorance is the root and stem of all evil"

of course sjw's would not listen to Plato, because he is a "white male", so their ignorance tells them to not listen to him because of that.

gosh, do you know how much it hurts your brain when someone tells you that you are "mansplaining"? had it happen to me twice. XC
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